Puppetry++ Cluster

Here is a thread about a possible cluster for “improvisational environments”: a mobile platform for chamber- and building-scale shadow puppetry, combining:
mechatronics +
a sensing and media choreography system +

Here’s just one example of a series of projects that such a Puppetry++ Cluster could mount,
building on relationships and friendships developed over recent years with some exciting artists and scholars, with high impact work.

Possible Phases:
• Recruit interested volunteers with a good blend of aesthetic judgment, engineering chops, and elegant whimsy
• Build a kit for improvising such puppetry live in the iStage
• Try out in Spring with experimental puppeteers
• Crit with experienced artists
Oana Suteu, master filmmaker and animation editor Montreal/Paris
Laura Heit, Matchbox Series
• Document and publish first phase works
• Apply for external funding
• Residency Workshop(s) with
Manual Cinema
Mick Taussig, Sun and Sea project

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 6:47 AM, Sha Xin Wei <shaxinwei@gmail.com> wrote:
Would any of you be able to recommend some faculty and / or students experienced with urban design, public lighting design, projection art, who might be interested in teaming with the Synthesis Center and the Topological Media Lab to come up with some pitches for  some urban art / design projects in Europe.   (See “Connecting Cities”  and “Ambience Network” for examples of work.)

Xin Wei

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Sha Xin Wei <shaxinwei@gmail.com> wrote:

What I have in mind is a mobile platform for chamber and building-scale shadow puppetry, driven by mechatronics + our Max/MSP/Jitter sensing and media choreography systems, + “radio”.

In terms of content and style — just to let you know where we're coming from, here are some inspirations:

• BluBlu MUTO, https://vimeo.com/993998

• Royal de Luxe, The Little Girl Giant - The Sultans Elephant, https://vimeo.com/11107046

Omar Faleh, TML-Synthesis’ senior grad researcher in this urban media initiative, visited Royal de Luxe’s home city Nantes.

<rant>I’d like to stay away from all the "tech-art" geek discourses from the 90’s that never played outside the Empire of new media.</rant>

Not knowing the economies here in Phoenix and in SoCal, one of my questions is what sources of funding exist for such work?

Xin Wei

On Sep 12, 2014, at 12:54 PM, Byron Lahey <Byron.Lahey@asu.edu> wrote:

Hi All,

It goes without saying that I'm interested in this project. Kinetic sculpture, puppetry, light and shadow systems are all important parts of my artistic pallet. It also goes without saying that my time is largely spoken for by my dissertation work, so I would like to stay connected with this project, but will have to limit my direct involvement. I would certainly offer my camera/projector system as a tool for this work if it fits in any way (though I would likely have to hand off programming and maintenance duties to another willing person or persons).

Another artist who might be interested in collaborating on this work is Al Price. He is an ASU MFA graduate and has done numerous large scale public art projects around and outside the Phoenix area. This is a project of his that I find particularly enchanting and which seems to directly resonates with the examples Xin Wei shared: http://www.alpricestudio.com/new-gallery-5/  


CC Newsletter September 2014

Connecting Cities Events 2014

Here's a quick overview of the Summer/Autumn Connecting Cities Events: 

Event # 6 11 – 14 September: Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections, Public Art Lab @ Berlin
Event # 7 12 – 14 September: Connecting Cities Event, Riga 2014 @ Riga
Event # 8 25 – 27 September: Medialab-Prado @ Madrid

Connecting Cities Event #6 @ Berlin 
Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections, Public Art Lab

Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections
11 - 14 Sep 2014, – Light Parcours, Brunnenstr. 64-72
11 - 13 Sep 2014, Symposium, SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64
11 - 13 Sep 2014, Workshops, SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64

No Plans for tonight? Mark your calendar! Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections
Join for our Light Parcours, the Symposium and Workshops!

From 11 – 14 September a rich programme with workshops, the Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Symposium (curated by Public Art Lab in cooperation with SUPERMARKT) and the Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Light Parcoursincluding audiovisual works and an urban picnic will take place.

Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Symposium and Workshops
From 11 – 13 September artists' workshops by Suse MiessnerCharlotte Gould & Paul SermonMoritz Behrens & Nina ValkanovaDr. Alexander Wiethoff & Marius Hoggenmülleras well as keynotes from Mark Shepard, Paul SermonMoritz Behrenand the speakersNicole Srock-StanleyDr. Alexander Wiethoff, Dr.Eva HorneckerDr. Bastian Lange,B_tours and many more will be offered…
Find all the Panels here!

Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Light Parcours 
During ‚Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections‘ Public Art Lab will transform the shop windows in the Brunnenstrasse into interactive light and projection windows. Connecting Cities will make the neighborhood shine! The Connecting Cities projectsOccupy the ScreenSmart Citizen Sentiment DashboardUrban AlphabetsHuman Beeingwill be shown, as well as works from Lichtpiraten, a performance by Scott Sinclair vs. ESOC and a cooperation project of Public Art Lab and Quartiersmanagement Brunnenstraße, the students of Leuphana University Lüneburg and the Bauhaus -Universität Weimar and a video programme by Screen City and Videospread.

Find the programme here or download the programme leaflet here!

Picture: © Public Art Lab

Event # 7 Staro Riga 2014 @ Riga 2014, Riga

12 – 13 September 2014, Esplanāde 2014 Culural Chalet, Riga, Latvia
Two days and two interactive projects will unite Riga and Berlin.

Suse Miessner's project ‘Urban Alphabet’ is an interactive neighbourhood art project that invites peaople to create their own urban alphabet by capturing letters with an especially developed application, when walking around the city. After collecting the letters in the public space, the screens and projections will give access to the database and invite the participants to write a personalized postcards to the other connected cities. 

Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon's project ‘Occupy the Screen’ is an interactive telepresent public video installation designed for site-specific impromptu performance and user interaction. It will connect two cities and the people will meet on the screen as a third space. 
Picture: © Paul Sermon

Connecting Cities Event #8 @ Medialab-Prado, Madrid

 26 – 27 September: Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Plaza de las Letras

Bees, plants, urban alphabets and many other elements of the city come to life on the digital facade of the Medialab-Prado. From the 26 – 27 the facade located at the Plaza de las Letras becomes an interactive canvas!

The projects Urban Alphabets (Suse Miessner), Human Beeing (The Constitute),Telepuppet.tv (Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani), Organic cinema (World Wilder Lab) andn'UNDO (n’UNDO organización).
More Information here!

Picture: © n’UNDO organización

Connecting Cities Event #9 Nuit Blanche@ iMAL Brussels

10 October 2014, Rue Marché aux Herbes & Rue Saint-Pierre, Brussels, Belgium
In the framework of the Participatory City 2014, the Quinzaine Numérique and during theNuit Blanche Bruxelles, iMAL presents telepuppet.tv, by Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani (USA/Iran).
Join the Nuit Blanche Brussels! Telepuppet.tv is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combines augmented-puppetry with urban projection performance. Traveling through the streets of the city centre, artists Ali Momeni Nima Dehghani (USA/Iran) will project videos filmed this summer, in Iran, by augmented puppets. A way to share experiences of immigration across time and space on our planet.
In the framework of Connecting Cities 2014: Participatory City, Telepuppet.tv will also be presented in Madrid (Medialab-Prado, 25 - 26.09) and Liverpool (FACT)!

Picture: © Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani 


Deadline: 31 October 2014


Our modern cities are hybrid structures in which technology is invisibly interweaved in the perception layers of our everyday lives. With the curatorial theme of InVISIBLE and VISIBLE Cities we want to develop an awareness on the changes which are hardly visible to the eyes and are underlying our nowadays’ cities.

Please submit your project proposal until 31 October, 2014 here.

Picture: © Public Art Lab

RECAP Connecting Cities Event #5 @ Linz

C … what it takes to change, Ars Electronica
4 - 8 September 2014, Linz, Austria
8 September, Connecting Cities Workshop

From 4 - 8 September the Connecting Cities artists Moritz Behrens & Nina Valkanova showed their project Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard (SCSD) on the facade of the Ars Electronica building. Visitors and Citizen could vote how happy they are i.e. with the mobility of the city of Linz. Ars Electronica Futurelab presented their project Entangled Sparks with a series of workshops and presentations on the Ars Electronica building, where every visitors could access one pixel of the facade.
Have a look at the photos here!

Picture: © Public Art Lab

RECAP: Connecting Cities Workshop: Design Fiction and Narrative Prototyping @ 403 Art Center, Wuhan, China

31 July - 09 August.2014 Summerfestival - Back to the Future
31 July - 09 August 2014 Workshop

Connecting Cities with the tools of the future

In July the first Connecting Cities workshop in China organized by Marc Piesbergen (CC manager China) and the 403 Art Center Wuhan was held by Christian Zöllner (The Constitute) and Julian Adenauer (Sonice Development)

Nearly 40 students from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and Wuhan University of Science and Technology participated. The 9 student groups each designed their own device for the future sci-fi world.
The results of the intense two-week Connecting Cities workshop will be published soon onwww.connectingcities.net.

Picture: © The Constitute

Call for outstanding Media Architecture

Are you a student? Would you like to receive a travel scholarship for the Media Architecture Biennale 2014

Then sign up for the MAB24H student design competition. Commencing on October 1 14:00 (CET), teams will have 24 hours to create a design, write a paper, maintain a blog and produce a short video. The winning team is invited to present their conceptual work at the biennale and will receive a travel grant to the amount of EUR 1,000.

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